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We must have the unshakable assurance that God is Strong and Mighty in battle. No matter what we are going through God can deliver us. There are times when the blows are heavy and merciless and the pain gets unbearable, but the assurance in Psalm 44:5 must be our strong stay; ""With your help we'll wipe out our enemies, in your name we'll stomp them to dust" (msg) Psalm46:7 gives the reassuring revaluation that; "The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress" (niv) We must not lose sight of these signal promises, no matter how strong the temptation or trial we must arise, shake them off and step on them by the Power of the Living God. This is the heritage of the children of God whose righteousness is of God Himself. Isaiah 54:17. We need to be strong in the Lord and draw Strength from His Word In all these things we are more than conquers Through Him who loves us ( niv) Be reassured that you are not alone. God is with us we need to allow him to strengthen us, uplift us, fill us, guide us, elevate us and lead us into Victory. As we face challenges with Gods help we are well able to conquer. Be faithful, be strong, and sincere in Gods service and then wait and see if He will not open the floodgates of heaven and bless you abundantly. Trusting God is one way to be established. Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is Jer17:7. Today I pray we purpose in our hearts to allow God to have His way in our lives He is our Refuge and Strength. Remain Blessed and Heavenly Favoured!! Shalom

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Rosemond Taylor said...
Big Sis, I am truly blessed and highly encouraged by this blog and will continue to meditate on it in my secret place. May you be blessed and nourished by our God as you pour into ou lives.
July 13, 2011 09:53:03
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