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What have you invested your time and energy in seeking? Jer. 2:13 says :

'My people have forsaken Me,The Fountain of living waters and built for themselves cisterns, cisterns that cannot hold water.'

Many times we invest so much time and enery in seeking and building that which is temporal.  Maybe we are going through a phase in our life that has distracted us from God. May God give us the grace to refocus and not be weary.

We become so preoccupied with things of the world system and not building on that which is eternal. We are consumed with seeking how to create wealth not seeking the One who has given us the power to create to create wealth. We invest in seeking so many things in this material world - clothes, cars, finance, social status..... - As we read Matthew 6:25-34, we see that people are anxious about life, what we eat or what we drink, or about clothes...what we put on..but we are encouraged 'to seek, aim at and strive after, first of all His kingdom and His righteousness, His way of doing and being right and then all these things taken together will be given to us.'

Until we put God first in everything, we will keep building cisterns that cannot hold water.  Psalm 127:1 says that unless the Lord builds the city, they labour in vain that build it. Unless the Lord watches the city, the watchman watches but in vain. Luke 9:25 asks 'what should it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

Let us seek the One who supplies all our needs and not only takes care of our earthly needs but our spiritual and eternal needs.


The key to successful living is that we may seek Him

The key to successful living is that we may  know Him.....

God wants us to seek not that which is temporal but that which is eternal,  for His glory.


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